Mad Monday ...Spanish :/


I'm sitting in my Spanish class and am bored again, because I'm done and others are still working.
Additional to this, we got a new plan how to sit in the room and so I'm far away from anybody I ever talked to -.-
I'm doing my work, why do I get a place at the end of the room where it is difficult to see the white board because of the angle? This class makes me frustrated...
Planning to get a rubric snake, so that I have sth to do in this class.

(5min later...)
And as I realize now, I'm sitting next to the air conditioner that is loud and cold... Getting a headache of it -.-
Yes, I enjoy self-pitying myself :P

Finished with school. Wednesday there will be a test in bio and in Spanish... Not so great, but it's okay

Hope you guys had a better day then I had ;)