Lights up!


Hm... Biology: test. Prepared my self for English vocab test as I was done earlier and wrote blog for Thursday.
Englisch: vocab test and a senior project presentation. I was called to the office again, but it was for me changing my schedule. I'm taking marine science instead of theater next year... My schedule is kind of scientific :D

AP Biology
Marine Science
Pre Calc (Maths)
Anatomy and physiology

In lunch I sat with Andrew (in my AP bio class) and Emily (in my English class).
Thinking of switching my lunch friends and make them more than "lunch" friends :)

In Spanish we got some new vocab and did nothing productive.
Ceramics was cool, because we had a pep rally, so we were able to go outside and watch a bus filled with our football players driving by and the truck in Hoggard colors... (Actually boring, but you get to see your friends that are not in the same class, in my case Alexei and Anne (bio))

Frisbee training after school. That was sad. We were only seven people and coach. So we made the field really small and played 4-4.

Back home I took fast a shower, dried my hair, run around a bit unorientated, and ...stuff.

At 6:30, Alexei picked me up and we drove down to Carolina beach, to watch the Christmas parade!

A very American experience. Lots of lots of plethoras of lights, girls who are presented as miss what-ever and English Christmas songs. I was a bit startled by "oh Christmas tree".
It was fun though, I met three more parts of Alexei's family, we had a campfire and were so pretty much the winners of all in the audience :D

At Friday, I also learned about Krampus. Fragt nicht, schaut es euch nur an...

And have you ever heard about the laser sharks? :D no? You should. And listen to this nice little song about them.