Kayak field trip, and Netflix



50 days remaining 

Thankfully, I remembered the night before, that we're gonna go on a field trip in marine science. That meant appropriate clothing for spending the day on a kayak. Kelley kind of helped me and even though my first choice would have been fine, I'm happy that I went with the bikini and other water stuff.

So at 8:30 we set off to fort fisher, where we split our group in half, I was in the (smarter) group, that went kayaking first and then spend time in the aquarium. The others went first to the aquarium and than kayaking.

We kayaked to an island, where we walked around and looked at the environment, we were allowed to go swimming (I was one of the 4 people in my group and it was great) and we even tried to eat sea plants, but sea gerkins and oxydaisies are disgusting. And I ended up with Justus , the other german exchange student in one kayak. Not because I don't have other friends, more because I wanted a kayak for myself and then ended up sitting in one of the instructors kayaks and was asked to go into the last remaining spot.

However, it was very fun, the kayaking of course slightly more thepan the aquarium... I could have stated at the jellyfish forever though :) 


Back at home, I spent some time reading in the hammock, but apparently, something bit or stung me and now my left upper leg is swollen like crazy.


Only 7 weeks...

Okay, making up what I missed yesterday. Math something completely new, but totally easy too. Lymphatic system in anatomy, but I should be fine. Biology. Basically we're done with the course so I slightly stopped caring as deeply.

All the teachers were suppoed to show us this Video today, so yeah. If you want to know how my school looks like, there we go.

Feminism club in lunch, actually our last meeting.

And I think Hannah and I are going to defy gravity. For Friday I planned to to go to carolina beach, where a band will be playing and there will be fireworks. For free, pretty cool :)

And the bite from yesterday still is crazy. We took care of it with baking soda and meat tenderizer. Kelley said maybe it was a spider. We will watch it, hope for me that I didn't get some crazy infection.

I spent my evening together with Hannah watching Netflix because I'm not sure about my leg and if the tight-at-my-body fencing pants are the best choice.
PS: uh, and the Victoria Secret stuff I ordered came today, be jealous, people who care.