It's ugly sweater day!


No comment... Or later on, but notice the cats with the Santa hats on my pants...
Yeah, I'll write more when I have done my homework


Hm... Ok, things happened :)
At Thursday, we had the ugly sweater day, that inspired me to this awful outfit.
On the picture am I and Andrew, with this very cool hat, that plays Christmas music when you turn it on :D
The day was cold. We started in biology with cell division, nice topic.
English: speaking about Gatsby, I thought that the feeling between him and Daisy would be stronger, but it's really only about the money. Made me even a bit sad, I expected more romance :P
In the lunch break, I was first half in the gym with Lucy, and wanted to go to do my biology corrections during b-lunch, but mrs ward wasn't there.
I purchased a candy cane. It's a nice thing, you can support some charity and let it be delivered to somebody (of whom you know the schedule).
Because I couldn't do biology, I went into the cafeteria, and sat with Ann(e) (not sure how her name is spelled) and her friends (It's two other people, but I only remember Emma's name, hmm). They are crazy in a good way and I like it :D
Spanish- pfff. Oh, we did our conversation that we had to memorize.
In ceramics, I painted the flying monkey.