Inspiration and new friend?


Yesterday (Monday) was pretty great. In biology we were supposed to give presentations but the internet was down, so we postponed it to today. Instead, mrs. Ward read Survival of the Sickest to us, which is a great book about biology and medicine.
And then it happened. Because we speak about genetics and everything right now, we have extremely interesting topics and I got a good idea for my BeLL.
In marine science we designed our own planktons, which was okay.
In lunch break I sat with Trent -a friend of Anne's and I just join groups of friends- and then went to maths. 88 in the last test thanks to stupid mistakes like 3^3=9 ?
In anatomy we wrote a test about chemistry which was easy, but everyone said that it was really hard, so it will be graded on a scale and I might get an awesome grade :D

Walked home, because the weather was still great, drove with Kelley and Hannah to the beach and took a walk there (which was slightly colder because the wind from the sea is chilly) and listened to some german music on our way back in the car. Most of it still annoys me.
Hannah and I looked up some terrisome (terrible awesome) music vids on YouTube and then it was already time to go to Kraft maaga.
I liked it not that much, but at least we start becoming friends with Hailey and invited her to our next game night of cards against humanity on Friday.

I'm looking forward it :D