How to Milk a Goat


Yeah. So school was fine, made new friends in the lunch break and went to the international club, where we danced. In anatomy we had to present our plan for our teaching week about the nervous system and that's what I tried to learn for at Sunday. But the questions he asked us were extremely easy, so that's no problem.

After my ride home I wondered where Hannah was because we were supposed to visit Haleigh and show her how to milk her goat (who got a baby last Friday). She showed up soon though and after we emptied the dishwasher, we drove through half the town.

After we calmed the goat, after several tries, we actually got some milk out of her (even though she stepped into it, so nothing to drink) and the baby goat is pretty sweet too.

We were gonna meet Haleigh at Kraft maaga that night anyways again, so Hannah and I left and went to Harris teeter, where we got fruit. I ate a gigantic polyploid Apple before the sport but it was very delicious.

More punching and choking in Kraft, ate a big bowl of salad for dinner.