Hmm... No idea for heading


School already starts again? The weekend felt really short because of the Saturday full of action...
I almost slept to long, but fortunately Kelly got me out of bed. I'm really getting into oatmeal as breakfast. With the addition of almonds.

School: hm, in bio we started respiration. In English we discussed the film festival of Friday, but I was called to the school counselor (or maybe she has another position). I sat in the secretary's office for quite a time... Long enough to make me kind of nervous, but at the end I had to tell Mrs. Johnson (hope I remember the name right) only that everything's ok, what my ambitions for later are and what extracurricular activities I did in Germany.
And she wrote it all down. It was our "Juniormeering"... Okay. So I guess everybody gets asked before or in 11th grade (and in grades before) what they are doing and what the want to be doing later in life.

So I basically missed the whole discussion in English, which is better than if I would have missed a writing part but it is still not so great. I would have preferred to miss half of my Spanish class ;P
Or even ceramics, I don't do much in there.

In Spanish uhm... I don't even know what we did, but it wasn't much.
I made a plate in ceramics because it's our project to make a plate and a cup in the same design.

Drove home with Hannah after school, corrected tiny bits of the speech we had to hand in that night, turned it in, started on the other English homework (reading, annotating, answering questions) and went then with Kelly and Hannah to tae kwon do.

Training was good, even though I can not imagine to actually use it... It's one thing to hit and kick a pillow, but another one to hit someone in the chin or kick him in the belly (/other regions). In case of the scenario where I get attacked, I'll try to run away.
After the training we stopped by at world market, a store with stuff of all over, including milka, Lindt, dr. Oettker pudding powder, lebkuchen.... *-*

We only bought the pudding powder though, and then went to that other fancy food store, where we got almond flour.

School... Speaking about more respiration, reviewing redox reactions, because some in the class never learned of them, and yeah, having fun chatting with table neighbors.
At this point I was in a astonishing good mood, grinned like an idiot during the pledge of allegiance.
In English some presented their speech, I was impressed by Karen's , who defined the three virtues diligence, knowledge, faith for our way to success. Also worth mentioning is Emily's presentation about inspiration for writing books (she really writes novels, isn't that amazing?) and Alexei's about punctuality. There were other good too, even a witty one about rights for homosexuals, but I'm happy that I remember the names of those who stayed with me the most :)

In lunch, I went on doing my English assignment, so it was better to sit alone. After a while I got uncomfortable in my spot and went to the English room, because we have tables and chairs there :P

In Spanish I multitasked and continued English, but in the second half I actually paid attention because we learned a new conjugation.
Ceramics was nice, I improved my plate and that's basically it.

Back at home our wifi was gone, because we got a new one installed. Or not yet installed, the wifi guy comes back today.
Before I went to fencing, I finished the English assignment, wasn't able to turn it in (yes, we send our homework per email to the teacher).
Fencing was nice, even though I feel like I could have done better. The floor there is a bit terrible, my feet don't have enough gripp, and now I have a bruise on my left knee because a lunch went wrong :(

This morning I got up early, so that I can take of you and write a post.
And to turn in my English homework of course.
And in the time left over I could do the assignment for tonight. I already started it yesterday, proud of myself :D
I'm excited for the tournament today at school, because it is the crazy one (okay, I figured it out: the crazy one is today at school, the normal one on Saturday)
And if I get finished with English today in school I might make the bee sting cake