Heut' ist so ein schöner Tag, trallalala


As I said this morning, I'm in a really good mood :D
In a should-I-scare-everybody-off-by-singing-a-weird-German-happy-song mood, you know?

My biology exam was okay, English was still followable (even though I wasn't there yesterday), Spanish is easy and we ended 20min early and ceramics is just nice.

IMG_1597.JPGlook what my hands did!

I got compliments for my outfit, what is never bad :)

After school I had frisbee training which was great today and the weather is wonderful only bad thing is that I forgot something to put my hair together...

I'm excited for Sunday and next week and I'm great, people around me are great, almond milk is delicious, I gonna make a cake, the world is beautiful.

Y'all should drop by for my post at Tuesday, I planned something for this day :)