Happy, happy holiday!


My blogging app wasn't working since my last post, so here is what happend:

Ultimate was fun... Until I landed really bad on my left foot and felt for a few seconds like I never want to put weight on its er again.
It got better after this short period of time. But I watched the last 30min of the training instead of running with them.
Hannah, William and I went to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant and it was great... Love sushi :)
Then we looked into a record-store and I'm not sure, if I had had my money with me, I might have bought Doc Hollywood, because I plan watching it anyways.

Got up at 9:30 because Stephanie (a woman from my rotary club) came by to see if everything is alright. After she left, I worked a bit on my presents and then Hannah asked me, if I wanted to go somewhere, and sure, why not?
So Hannah, William and I went to the mall, but we didn't buy anything. Next stop: gun store ("do you want to play with any of those guns?" Was seriously a question that I was asked in there....) and then Michaels, a handcraft store :3
Thanks to Ellen Degeneres I stayed up till 2:30am... Devil woman :P

...and stayed in bed until 12:30 ??
More working on presents and hanging around, doing nothing.
In the evening, we wanted to drive around and look at crazy Christmas lights, but then it rained, so we watched the Christmas story.
I was introduced to movies, where Santa Claus gets kidnapped by marsian people and another one, where Santa and Merlin fight against the devil to save Christmas... Maybe I gonna watch them. Sometime.
Had fun snapchatting with Bradleigh and Sara :D

And my foot almost doesn't hurt anymore! :D I'm happy