Going all German


Today's motto was
Mathletes vs. Athletes !
Normally I would have gone as mathlete, I guess, but as german exchange student I have to put a little bit of a show on, don't you think?

IMG_0934.JPGIMG_0945.JPGIMG_0946.JPG(Mann, hab ich tolle Beine :D)

I have to admit that I had way to much fun with this... Singing German soccer songs in the morning, waving my flag and doing a little photo shooting right now, crazy stuff I wouldn't do back home.
Anyways, today there were a lot of nerdy people and people in sport cloths, but I forgot to take photos, sorry guys (but hey, you get to see me, that's even better ;P)

Biology gets finally more challenging with our new topic cell communication.
I English is English, but I felt the most comfortable in this classroom with my outfit, there was even a girl that told me that I had the best outfit see saw all the day :D
In lunch I did my Spanish homework, got an apple from the cafeteria (free), because I forgot my lunch and had art club in b-lunch, where we made some posters for free face painting on Friday, the homecoming day.
In Spanish we are still working on learning the difference between definite and indefinite articles... With shouting voice and to much time in my opinion :P
In ceramics I almost finished coloring my Viking but I had to leave early (jean had a appointment and I would have had to stay at school till 7) so I gonna finish him tomorrow and the results are going to be awesome :D

Since 11:35 I have a great plan for my Saturday evening :)

Mathematiker gegen Athleten war das heutige Thema für die Spirit-Week.
Die Spirit-Week ist an amerikanischen Highschools die Woche des Homecomings, das am meisten zelebrierte Footballspiel einer Schule. Es Werden ein König und eine Königin gewählt, man verkleidet sich die ganze Woche nach Mottos und Freitagabend sitzt jeder im schuleigenem Stadion.
Gestern war das Motto: Pyjama vs. Schick.
Ich habe mich schick angezogen, da es mir in meinem Schlafanzug zu kalt gewesen wäre und... Ich bin fancy :P
Heute war es das oben genannte und obwohl ich mich normalerweise auf die Seite der Nerds schlagen würde (es gab heute ein paar richtig geniale Outfits zu sehen), habe ich mich mit Fahne und Fußball Trikot bekleidet und muss wohl relativ beeindruckend gewesen sein :)
Schule ist Alltag, obwohl Spanisch sich etwas dahin schleppt und ich bin heut ne halbe Stunde eher aus der Schule raus.

IMG_0949.JPGIMG_0948.JPGMeine abendlichen Freunde an der Fensterscheibe