German food :D (or should I name this post just Oktoberfest? Nah, this kind of writing all over the heading is good)


...Yes, I'm a bit tired :P ...which means, that I start making weird jokes ;)

However, I just had a really great night :)
As I told you before, I was invited to an Oktoberfest today (it's past 12, so yesterday) and so I picked out a nice dress (decided against my football /soccer shirt (wow, trickot isn't a word in English? Ops :D) and got picked up by Alexei at 5:30

After just sitting around a bit at the beginning -I got some good mezzo mix replacement- and getting to know the others (my part :D), we tried the food and it was really great :)
Yes, the pretzels weren't exactly as good as in Germany, but the sausages were really awesome :D and they got them from Wisconsin(?), so there was quite an effort in it^^
There was sauerkraut, sweet mustard, kartoffelpuffer, potato salad and bread (baked by me, hehe) too.
I missed to try the kartoffelpuffer and sauerkraut because there was so many good food that I was stuffed right at the beginning :D

After a while Arielle, who I know from my AP Bio class, came over too and then I taught a bunch teens the German translation for pretty much every dirty sentence they could think off (no worries, it didn't went extreme).

We watched a seems-like-really-everybody-saw-this-at-least-three-times movie, Mean Girls.
It was pretty funny, and it would have been really good if they would have cut the last 10secs...

During the movie, some of the people disappeared (so real people, like guests on the party :P) and we went downstairs again, where we chatted for a while. Somehow got to the topic workout and I did 28 push-ups ;D
(Overflowing with energy when getting tired...)

Alexei gave me and a friend of his sister (so the friend and his sister were in the car too) a ride home and it was really nice.
Thank you again for all the driving :D

All in all I had an amazing evening with good food, German Schlager music every normal person of my age should be afraid of (but it was really fun tonight), lederhosen, compliments for my dress and great company.

Yes, I'm writing this all down after midnight, because my memory is really bad (as I proved again today... Should I tell the story? Everybody shouting yes? Yes. We had a cd turned on and country roads was playing, so I told that we have to sing this in music class... When we got back into the car, the other half of the song went on I was exited and told them, that we have to sing this song too without realizing in the first moment, that it is the same...)

Wie ihr euch sicher schon übersetzen könnten, war ich gestern auf einem Oktoberfest.
Es war echt toll, mit gutem Essen, coolen Leuten (Alexei, der mich eingeladen hat, seine Schwester, Arielle, die ich aus Bio kenne, Freunde der Familie und Nachbarn...
Am Anfang waren auch ein paar jüngere Kinder dabei, die uns gefragt haben, ob Alexei und ich ein paar sind und warum ich einen britischen Accent habe. Ja, britisch...
Wir (jugendlichen) haben einen Film geschaut, bei dem so ziemlich jeder ein paar Stellen mitzitieren kann^^ war lustig :D

Oh, und mir ist mal wieder aufgefallen, das begehbare Kleiderschränke hier recht normal sind :)