Game night, Mayfair, beach and scrapbooking 


Friday night was game night, I saw Haleigh again (it's been quite a while, girl), I invited Seba, but he was to defy gravity, and kaja had to go to training.... But Erik came, Katy, Anne and Trent, Alexei and Charles, who is a friend of Hannah and seems to be pretty cool.

We played cards against humanity, twister and who am I, some people had to leave early, because they took the SAT Saturday morning (going at weekend to school to take a test, poor friends)

At Saturday I went to Mayfair, got a mothers day present and looked for a bikini (but Victoria secret is in that case not as awesome as in their general bras...). Afterwards a nice walk at the beach and we were really lucky, because someone else who just left had a ticket for the whole day, so we didn't have to pay for parking. When we came back, we gave it forward to the next group of people which was a pretty awesome feeling.

I finally watched the settlers trail - or at least parts of it and that was quite nice.

Sunday I just spend working on my scrapbook and it was very relaxing and mind freeing, I feel really -I don't know how to describe it- light and less worrying(?) right now