Frisbee tournament 


At Friday, I only wrote until about noon what I did.

Not sure, if I mentioned that something went awry with my bike on the way to school. At one moment, when I took a turn, it suddenly started wobbling under me and I thought the back wheel might be disconnected or something. When I stopped, I figured out that the problem was on the other end of the bike, on its handle bars.

I continued to push my bike and tried to drive it too, but didn't feel very comfortable about it. So I asked Hannah, if she could drive it home with her truck, which was no problem. I just put it on the heck in lunch break. Then I went to sit with Andrew and Melissa, where we talked about some opinion topic and I didn't completely concur. It was something about handing in homework and deadlines, so it's not that important. I just felt like they were complaining to much about something that is totally fine with me.

In math, we learned about limits and I think, I understood it better than in Germany, so that's pretty good.

In anatomy, we dissected an eye ball, which was interesting, because of the intense blue I didn't expect on the retina and the noise when we had to pop the eye ball...

After school, we went to frisbee and played the alumni (that means the frisbee playing kids from the university, UNCW). We also had pizza and everyone signed my yearbook, I got a ride from Katy's mom, which was good, because I was bikeless.

In the evening I met Alexei, who has Carla (their former german exchange student) and her mom right now as visitors and we watched some tv together.