I was too lazy yesterday for a blog.
And I'm still thinking if I should write in German...
Mein Hirn mixt zur Zeit in der Mitte von sentences und so :p
So anyways, I should Stick with English.

Was gibt es denn groß zu sagen über gestern... (Oh, Deutsch)?
More metabolism in biology, and we'll have a substitute (Vertretung) on Monday. Because I'm a little over-achiever, I asked mrs. Ward if I could skip this class because we won't do anything that I couldn't do at home and go to the german class instead and give them a presentation (that I prepared without being asked, I seem to have to much free time)
In English we had a substitute because mrs Keith wasn't there... I have to write a speech over the weekend and don't look forward it if I'm honest. My vocabulary test is the first one where I didn't know all words, even though this week seemed easy.
In the lunch break I successfully spoke with the German teacher in a mix between German and English (she started German so I answered in German and suddenly I spoke English so that she spoke 50/50 German and English)... And I'm supposed to do my presentation in German. It will be a bit awkward for me because I'm a bit afraid that I will mix English into it, my sentence structure might be im Arsch and maybe they will look at me with empty eyes and understand only 10% (...but hey, my prezi is in English, so they can read the most important things, that I'll say -and I will confuse my head by reading English words and telling them the same in German)
However, the rest of my lunch break was kind of productive too, we killed 12 wasps that flies in our food (by catching them with honey mustard and they drowned in there by themselves) and I looked at my Spanish vocabulary, but we didn't write the the test anyway...
In Spanish we listened to a presentation about bilingualism. The girl, who is fluent in English and French had some interesting points, but I knew most of her results already. Interesting facts: bilingual persons get brain diseases like Alzheimer's in average four years later than monolingual persons. Bilingual persons can have multiple personalities. What? Me and multiple personalities? :D guilty.
But i think it's not because I speak two different languages, I feel still like the same person as I was back home, so I'm not sure if I support this statement.
Ceramics starts to bore me... It seems like it is every day the same.
Maybe I'll ask my teacher if I might try the pottery wheel (what is in the ceramics 2 class) because I won't have the chance to do this if I don't take ceramics next semester and I want to experience other subjects than ceramics here...

Ultimate frisbee was good, I need the movement, but it was pretty cold too and I had to feel this by waiting for Jean... Brrr ??

At home I was expecting the Wagners (my next host family to which I'll switch tomorrow -wow) to attend our dinner.
I really understood jean telling me this.
So I was kind of suspicious when we just started eating and nobody was there... I mean the dinner was good.
I asked afterwards and this was our last real dinner together, as we are all busy today, so if I would have liked anything special I should have said it. Okay. And the Wagners were in this talk because my next host min asked, if it is okay for me if they have steak, baked potatoes and salad at Sunday (the first day when I'm there). Yes.

I have told Alexei, that I couldn't come to the fair (Rummel) because I want to attend the dinner with my next family... I could have gone if I had known that it wasn't a dinner with my next family. But good manners tell me that it was a nice decision to eat with the Halls (who hosted me really great) for the last time together.
Don't worry, I still get my chance to spent a night in roller coasters and eat unhealthy, fried treats. Alexei invited me for tonight, yeay :D
Maybe we'll meet Hannah, her mother asked Jean yesterday evening if I would like to go with them and we answered, that I'll be there and so maybe our paths will cross.

(Maybe I should use my diary more often again as I start to really live here and have more than only objective thoughts... Don't worry, it's just my own struggle with small things, but they are important enough for me to memorize and subjective/personal enough to not let the whole world know ;P)

So for today I planned to do homework, to start packing my bag (maybe) and of course the fair tonight :D
Talk to you later!