Freezing, beads, vocabulary, glaze, gloves and sport


Today it was freezing! It wasn't under 0°C, but because of Nieselregen and and wind, the cold creeped up into me like a daemon.
However, when I came to school, I went directly to biology after visiting my locker because it was to cold to hang out somewhere else. And I'm not really hanging out in the hallways, so...
The biology room was already prepared for testing and we helped Mrs. Ward to put up a plethora of posters as review for her bio 1 class. We had a "lab" today, where we were supposed to act the process of mitosis and meiosis, which meant that we played with beads (Perlen).
We had fun though and my four favorite people in this class and me where able to sit all together so that was really neat. Maybe Anne will start fencing :)
In English we had to write about times when we were "A Thinking Man or Woman" ...means in which situation we were required to really spend a lot of thought on an issue. Actually hard to decide. Also, we had the first time in my English class ever, that I experienced free time and yes, I spent my time appropriately and studied my vocab list. Via quizlet. A pretty neat way to learn.
Another lunch break spent with Melissa, she's a darling.
My second half I spent studying English vocab and preparing for the oral exam in Spanish
....on which we weren't tested today - of course. This man frustrates me with his inconsistency. On the other hand, I'm a bit relieved.
In other words, we didn't do anything again this lesson besides giving him our notebooks that got graded on organization. 25/25 again. Like last time.
In ceramics I felt a bit of time pressure because we start cleaning up as preperation for next semester and I'm not done yet with my coloring.

Last Friday we decided in frisbee to have two trainings a week and now we gonna meet Tuesday and Friday. As I mentioned earlier, it is freezing today. I packed gloves this morning and am really happy about that decision and I think the other five (out of about 15!) guys were a bit jealous of them :P
We only played for 45min on a small field, but it was still fun :)

At home I didn't do much besides eating and scrolling through Facebook.

At 7, Hannah drove me downtown to fencing, where we had a warmup -Thomas would laugh about the 10min fencing steps and launches, I'll have trouble when I'm back in Germany and he tells us what to do :P
But at least there was a warmup.
,y fencing tonight wasn't so good, but in my defense: I fenced for the first time with a French grip, that is in my opinion not as easy to handle as the german pistol grip.

Back home shower (after having 2 1/4 h of sport today ;D) and writing this blog.
I should close my eyes pretty soon too, as school is at the same time tomorrow (even though there could be hope for a 2h delay, because everyone freaks if the rain of today freezes overnight).