Forever Young


No good reason for this heading, I'm just listening to some random music ;)

Nothing much happened yesterday, I mainly hangout in the house, watched a bit Netflix, did English homework, and cooked pumpkin soup... Extremely tasty, but cooking isn't as much fun as backing :D

This morning I was sooo tired ?
The bad thing is that I was yesterday night tired too but couldn't fall asleep.

However, the test in biology was good, gonna get an A on the midterm exam, in English we started the next essay (yeay :v), in Spanish the test was ok and we spent a big part of the class outside doing nothing... My Viking in ceramics turned out green instead of metallic blue, what can happen with glaze :/
After school I had to wait for jean quite a while and so I slept for 1h on the couch :D

Don't want to write the other exams tomorrow...

I gonna make apple strudel now, maybe the baking will wake me up a bit.
After that a short workout because I kind of forgot this stuff in the last three days and did only a few push ups to do anything.

It's great here, but for some reason I feel a bit powerless since last week.
Maybe the fall after the big wave of enthusiasm I had before, or I could blame it on the end of summer ;)