Hello everyone!
As I promised, here is a post about food. Okay, I gonna tell you a little bit about my day too and the food contains only today's lunch, but anyways...

IMG_0829.JPG this is my lunch, prepared by my host mum. As you can see, it is pretty healthy. Bread (not as good as german, but I accept it), salad, pickles, ham, tomato and nuts (coated with some sugarsaltbutterstuff) and a soda.
I don't know, why she doesn't just put together a sandwich, but it's kinda funny to compose your own sandwich. This is not normal by the way, my friends wondered about me :)

IMG_0830.JPG this lunch contains apple, sliced peaches and ham. Yes, this is considered as normal lunch and I mean, it's kind of cool, even though I don't know if ham as single thing is so great (german meat is better, hehe)

IMG_0831.JPGup next is pretzels, grapes, a sandwich and water!
You can see, the Americans love zip bags. They use it for pretty much every food thing.

IMG_0832.JPGfood you get from the cafeteria. Pizza and a apple. And some undefined sauce... I should do more pictures of cafeteria food (never was in there at lunchtime) because what I saw is sad.

And I got lindt chocolate this afternoon, because I had to wait for fencing and I decided to go on a trip to Harris teeter (my new little heaven, cause it looked like the bread there has actually a density)

IMG_0835.JPGwhile I'm writing this, there isn't anything left over anymore.

My Day
Biology... Nothing happend, tomorrow we'll write a test.
English... I have homework till tomorrow and I'm home since 8:20 so it isn't so funny.
Lunch: speaking with Hannah, who might be my next host sister, because her family might want to host me. We met at lunch and it was kinda awkward, because we didn't know what to speak about^^
Spanish... Chatting with my cool bench neighbors :D
Ceramics... Painting my swan mask!
After school: studying for bio, going to Harris teeter, fencing!
Fencing was kinda cool today, but it isn't really training, it's too relaxed and more fun then sport....
I need sport... I eat chocolate and trink soda (I'm gonna change my soda intake, just to much sugar), so I need a good sport.
I decided against swim team because I'm not a good swimmer. Maybe I'll take a weightlifting class next semester. (Like really)

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