Fair, funnel Cake, freaky funny rides, but freezing


(I tried to find a nice alliteration)

I would love to tell you about the absolutely-cool-funny-awesome night I had today (or more like yesterday, it's 1am, wow), but I'm pretty tired.
I really hope that I have enough time tomorrow to post what is up, because my memories have to be stored in jars (or this blog) so that they won't faint away...

As you know, tomorrow I'll be moving and I have to do homework too, so don't worry if my next post is Monday night (and you pls be able to read it at Tuesday morning)

So... I'm packing my suitcase right now...
How did I fit all of this stuff in there in August?!

IMG_0993.JPGThat's how my stuff looks right now and I haven't packed my photo printer, my bathroom stuff and ceramics yet :o
I mean, it's not so complicated because I can pack a lot in extra bags, my school stuff stays for example in my bag pack but still...
I'll come back to write about yesterday night. Promise.

Monday, 7:15
Okay. As promised I'll write a post.
This post didn't come yesterday because- come on, I moved and had homework to do...
The fair
Chris dropped me off at Alexei's place where we watched his sister getting ready for a soccer game to which she was going with a friend. Because a special boy was going to be there too, it took some extra time :)
We got sandwiches at a store close to the school, and had a interesting conversation about butter ;D
After driving around a bit disorientated (at least I was) we dropped Tatiana and her friend off at the legion stadium and drove to the airport, where the fair is (now was, it ended this weekend).

IMG_1781.JPG This was our provenance that we payed entrance and yes... We entered :D
Walked through the animal show (chickens, bunnies, turkeys, pigs, sheep and horses... Not sure if I like this kind of exhibition when the animals are in small cages, but at least it was closed at an early time and the fair was only for one week), and then to the part where the fun starts :D

IMG_1775.JPG the next pictures are token from the Kettenkarussel, that you see in this picture :)


We also watched a pig race and had a funnel cake, that is like pancake dough but they bring it in long chains into frying fat... It's good. Don't want to think about the nutritional value ;)
But it might still be better than fried Oreos... Or fried bubblegum... Or fried candy bars.

I used for the first time (at least how I remember it) a marry-go-around like in the American movies with up and down going horses, it was really neat^^
Alexei and I did also one crazy ride that included hanging upside down for a while. Wasn't so funny as I expected but still good. In my opinion ;D
The best ride of all was a old timer one, that mainly moved around in a circle but the cabins we sat in where constructed in a way that they could move and spin, what they did because the rude moved up and down. We had to move our center of gravity in a clever way to make it spin, but once it was rotating, the whole thing was totally fun :D

The whole night was great, but a bit freezing. We hit the time dead (haha, translated from german) by having thumb wars and I do not remember who is the best...
And now I'll bring this post to an end, because I want to tell you about my new family too!