Election Day and German Club Dinner


What to say about today's school day? Hmm...
In biology we finished the rest of the tasks we started yesterday. Then we talked about the answers, but we didn't reach the question about non-moving proteins yet, that would really interest me ;)
English was a lot of different things... First, we took a little test what party we should vote for (as there are only two different parties that will be actually elected, 10 questions were enough - instead of like 30, that might be enough in Germany to decide for a party)... I'm so liberal, I could be Marx :D But I was told in lunch, that's because I'm European. Than we spoke about political advertisements that go crazy here. At least $37 million are spent on campaigns! Instead of spending it to support schools or whatever. And that are attacking advertisements, that tell a lot of lies. Listening to radio or watching not-Netflix tv is pretty annoying this days because it's only politicians saying bad things about the other. Who's interested in what they said, just click on lies, I linked the site, that explains it there :) We got our vocabulary and looked over the midterm exam.
In Spanish it took me about 20min to solve my tasks and then I was sitting around. Got my iPad out and watched the sightseeing tours per Google maps... Stockholm is beautiful, Clara :D
Our new project in ceramics are face jugs (the uglier the better is the motto I guess) and I finished mine this lesson and their till next week... I gifted one of my mugs to Kelsey, who sits next to me and really liked this one. As I won't take all that ceramics stuff home, I'm really ok with making people happy by giving my creations to them :)

After the bell rang, I went to jeans office, got my apple cake and went back to the exit next to the ceramics room, because I met Alexei and Tatiana (sorry, I wrote your name wrong before :x) there. At Alexei's place, I got chocolate (Lindt, fancy :D) and did my homework. We got whiplash cream, after the mixer failed to turn the liquid cream into whipped cream...
Then we watched the first episode of lilyhammer, which we couldn't finish because there wasn't enough time, but it seems pretty good to me :)

We drove to the highlight of the evening, the german dinner at school... In the cafeteria.
Even though I didn't meet the bread of my dreams there, the other stuff was good. Potato salad, "german soup" (something like a Krauteintopf with Fleischklopsen), red cabbage... And the desserts were even better: my apple cake (with a pretty dense bottom, I'm still trying to work with yeast), a Black Forest cake with sweet instead of sour cherries, cinnamon rolls (not german, but genius), a warm apple strudel *-*, cookies, Lebkuchen and Stollen from Alexei's family and a lot of beverages.
I ate today like twice the amount I would eat normally. But it was so good and yummy... I should make Rinderrouladen sometime :D
And I met Hannah, the girl I'll stay with starting next weekend.

All in all: fantastic day. Got even better by finding more german sayings on the net.
Holla, the woodfairy!

Hope, you're hungry after all that reading about food, have a nice day, my dear Schatzis :*