Dragon boats


Yesterday was a pretty good school day, even though there is homework to do over the weekend (no problemo), with a funny Spanish lesson (we're chatting all the time, me and the two others who are sitting next to me :D) and a nice frisbee training.
The training finished 5:45 pm and jean told me she would be at the football stadium (that is close to the soccer field where we play frisbee) at 6:00, arrived at 6:20, but this was not really bad because we had to stay anyways to sell the tickets for the football game (she volunteered for this position)...
Except of my 3 new mosquito bites, it was good, we talked when nobody was there to buy anything and the time went by.
We finished at 9:15 and went to Marry's (the women I go surfing with, guess what: tomorrow I'll be on the board again :D) to pick up Jude and then went home.
Then we watched a documentary about the Roosevelt's. He was president during the 2.WW and it is quite interesting to compare German and American documentaries about this.

Today we went to a dragon boat racing, or to the festival with a dragon boat racing :p
They had a little market with nice little stuff like deco about the sea, pictures of the beach and food made in Wilmington :)
We watched a competition of two teams, what wasn't so spectacular for me, but I had a very good time on the market and taking pictures :D

IMG_0807.JPGI met wannabe I mean, real heros!


IMG_0813.JPGSweet dreams....IMG_0814.JPG