Cupcakes and Tae kwon do


Nothing much happend, I woke up at 9 o clock (or earlier or later), did a main part of my English homework before I even stood up and then went down up and got some food.
I went with Kelly to kohls, were she got a necklace for a friend and I wandered around the big store for the time, looking for inspiration for Christmas presents :P
Back home, I started to make my cupcakes, that turned out ok... Extremely rich of butter, and I used even less than in the recipe ?

Monday: working at worksheets (Anwendungsaufgaben) and speaking about our last test.
In English we started to analyze poems in groups, Dickinson doesn't seem mentally stable to me.
In lunch break IYO met, were I brought my cupcakes and people liked them :D Other stuff we had there was rice and seaweed, grapefruits (why ever) and a few cookies.
In Spanish we practiced and I really pay low attention and get still everything right. I'm not that language talented, but this class is kind of a joke. We will have to memorize a whole conversation.
In ceramics I started on a skull.

At home I did my English homework (annotating two chapters, Gatsby is a strange guy) and then we went to tae kwon do, nice workout, even though I don't feel like sitting in somebody and crushing my elbow in this persons face or I am not sure when I will have a gun in my back and can use turning around, hitting the person in the face, take the gun and crush it in his/her face...

A little bit more of homework at home, went spot sleep at 11 and yes. That's my day.