Country vs. Country Club



After dressing up as German soccer player yesterday I was a cow girl today.
That's not what all Americans understand under country (they think of camouflage outfits and orange base caps), but I wasn't alone with my style.
Country club means something like tennis or golf club and everybody is dressed in upper class clothes, mainly in baby blue, green and rose and with pearls for the girls.

In biology the two boys who sit next to me switched socks because the ones of the one boys looked more like country club than those of the other who was dressed like country club...
We wanted to start with metabolism today, but then there was a fire alarm and we spent half an hour outside.
It was freezing because I had a pretty short outfit and today isn't the warmest day (yes, I saw the pictures of the first snow in Germany on Facebook...)
So biology was only watching a movie, in English we voted for homecoming king and queen (have to admit that I didn't know anyone of the girls and picked a random name, while I choose the boy of my bio class as king) and then read articles about our generation (Generation Z) and Google and discussed this the whole lesson, was pretty interesting.
Couldn't find my girls at lunch, no idea what's up with them.
Spanish is the same, and in ceramics I started the second Viking because several teachers want one :'D
I might be able to make money with them^^

Today it was planned to go with Liam to some place with graffiti and look at it, but his mum called for him to do something so it was canceled and now I'm waiting for the time to get over, so that we can have fencing club...
Maybe there'll be a second part