Catching up on school, frisbee and a great afternoon+evening


Going to school quite early, so I was there at around 8:05. To my positive surprise, Mr. Jupena was already there and gave tutoring. Because I missed the two days of math, I started doing the work in the 20 mins before school would start. He told me I didn't have to take the test for that day though. Which is good. 

I also looked by in Anatomy, because I missed a quiz at Wednesday (which he counted with 0 points against me, my grade dropped tremendously). I missed the start of the skeleton system.

In biology I kind of lost track of what we're doing, so I'll have to look this up, especially when we'll write the midterm on Tuesday. Marine science was okay, I have to look up what they learned about clams and mussels, but I was back early enough for the clam dissection, where we looked for clam parts... We fed our massacre left-overs to the fish and the hermit crab, who were happy. Maybe I should buy some fish too, so that I can name it. On the other hand: they'll have nowhere to go at the end of the semester. In a-lunch, I did more math, in b-lunch I studied for anatomy because I expected to have to take the quiz during 4th period. In math I worked on more worksheets and compared to the answer sheet - only about 20% wrong, so that's good. I'll have to retake the math test though. Notes about the skeleton and coloring a plate in anatomy.

For frisbee I changed into my shorts, what was a good decision because even though it was cold in the morning, the weather turned out to be fantastic in the afternoon. It was perfect for frisbee: almost no wind, sunny and not too hot. Great practice and then Alexei picked me up around 5:30. We went to Flaming Amis Bowl (remember that place from august), what I still really like and then to Dairy Queen for dessert. At his place, we started watching the Hetchhog Day, when Hannah called and wanted to know if we want to join her in Haleigh in Defy Gravity. 

It was really funny and I was still happy to wear my shorts (and kind of reached my goals of eating healthy and not too much and and do a good amount of sport). Also we went at a time (from 9 to 10) when they turned of the lights and had "disco music". So it was quite dark exept of the light that keys white tshirts glow and stuff like that.

Alexei and I finished our movie and when I got home, Haleigh was still there for a sleepover.

...yes. Having fun with cats. I think I slept at 3 or so.