Boys and Girls home, biking and making a banner


Sunday morning I got up at 8:30, had kiwis for breakfast (my kiwi addiction is back) and I made myself ready for the rotary event that was planned for that day: boys and girls home. Which is an organization that provides a place for Forster children and takes care that they will get a good education and can develop into being successful adults. Gets sponsored by rotary, so there is a "Rotary Day"
Stephanie picked me up at 10 and then we drove for about an hour to Lake Waccamaw.
The whole thing started with a service in the little chapel they have there (or it was called small, in Germany it would be normal-sized... I saw smaller ones back home :P) which included singing and listening to a man speaking about faith.
Afterwards, we had lunch, which was quite good, especially the chocolate cake as dessert.
Then the rotary clubs that were attending send each a representative in front and they gave their checks to the boys and girls foundation, it was pretty impressive because they collected over 20,000$ all together. Applauding, talking with Rotarians, the typical procedure in my rotary meetings, it was nice.
I also met an exchange student from Argentina with whom I talked a bit and hang out with when we had the chance to look in one of the cottages.

This day we had wonderful weather btw, so that Hannah and I went out biking when I was back home.

The rest of the day I spent on my math homework, studying for anatomy and writing my blog for Friday and Saturday.

Hannah was meanwhile working on a banner, but something went wrong and it was pretty late, so that I decided to help her get it done faster :)
We had fun writing it, even though I got to bed a bit late that night. On the other hand, I'm likely to stay up until 11 o clock and it was worth it.