Benjamin Franklin


Yesterday was ok.
Started the day kind of tired, because I couldn't fall asleep at Tuesday night.
After a bit hectic breakfast, we drove to school, I went to my locker, then stopped by at Hannah and Kim, the daily process.
In biology we started metabolism, which is interesting but I hope, we won't go really deep into chemistry.
In English we spoke about the results of the election, the republican won, so that's not matching with my political opinion. We started on an assignment about Franklin, which freaked me a bit out, because it seemed like a lot of work to me.
That's why I spent half my lunch break in the library and writing on it.
I planned to work on it in my Spanish class too, but we actually learned something and so I didn't have time.
In ceramics I finished the lady Viking and gave it to coach Newton, who was very happy.

After school I worked for more than 2 hours on the assignment, then I met the fencing people and we waited for quite a time to be allowed to go into the cafeteria and start fencing.
Because we wanted to have a real match, but don't have electric gear in the school, we had 5 people judging (one judge and two watchers for each fencer) and that means I stood most the time around except of ten minutes (not even) were we fenced...

Today is good.
More metabolism in biology, we had fun today :)
Than we had to stop by in home room and get our grades report. Finally know, what grades I'm getting :D I have everywhere an A (with 93 points, 92 would be a B) except of English, where I have a 90.
In English we looked over the assignments and I did a bit more than the others in my class, what explains my three hour work on it...
We're not finished with looking over it yet, and I kind of like speaking about aphorisms :)
I'm sitting in my Spanish class, while I'm writing this. I should practice my vocabulary and I could look over grammar rules for frequency adverbs, but if I'm honest I'm to bored to get ambitious in this class