Being tired...



Got up at around 8 or 9, went with Anne and Caroline to the Youth Group of the church, where we finished God's not dead, which is an interesting movie, slightly bias, but good.

After that we went for Brunch to Moes, a Mexican food place, but very Americanized (which is okay with me, less spices)... I just went for a vegetarian burrito bowl.

Back at their place, we played SET (we have it in Germany too, it's the thing with the shapes, shade, colors and numbers in the cards, very visual). I had a tie with Caroline, I might have won if I'd been more awake :P

We went for a run. I'm so fit ?

Back home, school stuff, talking about prom, eating dinner...

Going to Alexei's place to look at the prom pictures, his parents took (his father is really into photography and so he got great equipment and skills). Those pictures are even more amazing than mine. 

Like this one for example. Maybe you saw it on Facebook before.


4/20 stands apparently for busting drug parties in police codes and so all the stoners had their holiday at Monday. I haven't seen anyone high and noticed, but their was quite a number of people missing. Maybe not all caused by weed, maybe some where still tired from the weekend- I sure was but whatever. Nothing big happend in school, and in the afternoon I went with Hannah and Kelley to bring Al to the airport (his plane didn't fly this night though) and drive by the bank... Back home, I tried to study a bit for biology but was distracted by Facebook which told me that people liked our prom pictures and I ended up admiring them again :P Omly slightly narcissistic, I know.


Quest (something between quiz and test) in biology about evolution, test in math and a quiz in Anatomy...  Busy day. But I'm smart... 84 in Biology which will turn into a 92 with the corrections, math worked really well and in Anatomy I wasn't to bad either.

I spent the main time of my afternoon looking for a good book to read and placed myself in the sun - later into a hammock to tan and enjoy the warm temperatures. Fencing at night was good, but I feel like I can do better.


Talking in biology, designing a fish in marine science (so hard, drawing and gluing for 90min :P), having the sub with the great southern accent in math again :D and reviewing the nervous and muscular systems in anatomy. 

Nice walk at the beach in the afternoon and then fencing afterwards, where I came into the pleasure of getting first good training and then the guy gave me his épée for free! Best unexpected thing since a while! Now I only have to glue the wire back in (it needs slight fixing) and I have my own épée!