Being a horrible human


School. Biology- experiments, indicating pigments of chlorophyll and other neat things in leaves. Also just chromotaphy with just ink. Fun.
In marine science I draw a lot of marine plants and made flash cards about them because the flash cards are our homework.
In lunch I met with Melissa and she told me a hilarious story about her sister after we talked about prom dresses.
In math we had to take the seating chart test, which required me to know the first and last name of everyone in the class and how they're spelled correctly. I can't even remember every name of new friends I make, how am I supposed to know over 20 names of strangers (except of two guys who are in frisbee, Eric who is really interested in german and tries to speak with me while I am too startled to use german and start acting weird, and Sydney who is in my biology class)? Anyhow, I did well enough and afterwards we had a little group work, where I finished my part good in time but had not enough time writing all my answers on the answer sheet so that I was really stressed out and had to take a run to anatomy because thanks to the new policy of tardies, people don't get into the room after the bell anymore without a pink slip and I didn't want to miss the first minutes of the class just because I have to take an extra stop at the office.
In anatomy we researched "current events", which means I had a link from 2008 (doesn't sound old, but think about it- 7 years! We are so old, early crisis) and took notes about it -it was pretty interesting, but on the other hand very unscientific written.

I didn't go to frisbee because I was still not completely recovered from my cold and it was/is freezing outside.
Additionally, Hannah and I invited guests for 6 o clock to play cards against humanity! :D ??

I'm kind of happy that I really found people who are open for game nights :D
Haley (a friend from martial arts, you will maybe hear more about her, she seems pretty great), Emily (a friend of Hannah), Eric (the mentioned ambitious german learner), Anne (from my biology class who started fencing) and Alexei (yeah, of course) are great company to play with. And the tree frog was there too. Seriously, the game is so much better with a tree frog.
Anne brought pretty good brownies and we all had popcorn and drinks, so it was a nice evening.
Hannah and I gave away presents as special prices for the winners. Okay, it was stuff to get rid of (the puzzles from my advents calendar and the penguin card), but we had fun making and packing them :P

Around 11:30 we got finished and everybody went home, I stayed up for a bit and went then to bed.