Being a bit awkward...


After I had the awesome outfit (not really, people looked first in my face, then their eyes went down and stayed on the cat leggins....) on Thursday, my school spirit shirt at Friday was not as attention seeking.
Anyhow. In biology, we wrote the first half of the test (an essay about cellular respiration) during the first 45min, then we left to go to the library, where a presentation about biotechnology engineering was given.

It was really interesting, especially the first half, where he gave us statistics, the second half was more about getting people into joining the program, where young people can volunteer for 4weeks in a poor country and try to help with medical care.

Thanks to the presentation, I missed the first 40min of English, but it didn't seem to have a huge impact. Means, I haven't missed anything.

Lunch: running around, looking for the Italian exchange student. We wanted to meet this weekend. I couldn't find her, so I sat with a few of Alexei's friends and after a while Alexei too in B-lunch. Tatiana throw a grape at me (even though Alexei was the target). I'm not mad at her, more upset at me, that I threw back, that is unlike me.

Spanish: starting on English homework
Ceramics: finish coloring monkey...

After school frisbee, was pretty cold at beginning but we ruined around (of course, that's the content of frisbee ...and throwing)
Chris brought pizza and I took a piece (but it looked a bit weird, maybe my body would be better of without this artificial stuff), got picked up by Hannah.

At home, Alexei texted me. So we met pretty spontaneously Friday night and sat in Port City Java *just looked up the order of the words :P* and talked a bit, it was a good idea and I felt good after our talk, we watched a movie (what a man with Matthias Schweighöfer), which was funny, even though I think another one might have been better.

This day was more awkward than the day with the Christmas kitten pants, and that's an accomplishment.
(There was some hysterical laughter involved at random times, but my mental outbreaks are not so important for a for-everybody-open blog ;D)

Morgen früh werde oh dann den blog für Samstag schreiben, liege etwas hinterher ;P