Becoming social :D


Yeah... In biology we wrote a little test (I didn't really realize, but we got it back today and I got 52/50 points -I'm so smart ;P) and watched a movie about genetic information.
Marine science was good, the upsetting thing is, that the school cancelled our smart-lunch and now we will have to sit around for half an hour around and can't go to tutoring instead, it's really lacking sense. And only because a few people did stupid mistakes. So now everyone gets punished. If we are unlucky, they will start having lunch with 3 breaks which existed before and is regarding to people I asked really stupid.
I met mr. Newton (who isn't in the hospital anymore, hooray!) in lunch yesterday and told him about the other german exchange student, so now my chances to catch him seem way higher :D (I just want to see that other german kid)
Our test in math was moved to today (Friday), but I shouldn't have any problems.
In anatomy we finished the autopsy vids and did a bit chemistry (not my favorite and I guess my answered would give you nightmares, Tom).

After school, Kelley and Hannah picked me up and told me about the nice little sale at fairy cycle, so Hannah and I went shopping, I got 4 or 5 new things for 17$ ?

Also, we decided to play Cards against Humanity that night, so I asked a bunch of friends and Hannah asked a bunch of friends and at the end we were 4 people, or first 3 people and a tree frog. The tree frog was winning, which is depressing to think about.

Also, the tree frog developed an amazing haiku.

After a while, Alexei came too, and Megan had to leave... Maybe Hannah and I disturbed Alexei a bit :D we are such terrible human beings. But this is the content of the game.
We ended this evening full of giant stuffed animals and cake with hysterical laughter, it was really nice :)