And another one... Because you have the greatest thoughts in the shower. :)


I wanted to talk a little bit about feelings too, as that is the thing that is important through out the exchange year.

As you know, I'm not to overflowing with extremes of emotions, I just have no problems to be happy. (Ok, this kind of self judgement is more for my diary instead of public so let's get to the actual topic)

I'm really happy to be here and it's all the small things that remind me again and again that I'm here.
Now that I have some thing like an every-day routine I notice that I spend more time on thoughts and questions that would be at home no problem.

What merits (/values) am I looking for in humans?
Is my joke appropriate or should I keep silent?
Is this spider dangerous?
What are my plans for the future? ...really?

I want to thank everybody who made it possible for me to be here, because I feel already that I change after only two months.
I haven't figured out the answers to many of my questions and some won't be solved at the end of my year neither, but that is okay.
I experience myself somehow different than in Germany...

This afternoon I wasn't in such a good mood as tonight. I had to work together with a girl in Spanish, that wasn't willing to even try.
She looked at the exercise, said "I don't get this, I'm gonna skip this" and tried to go on (with things that weren't assigned to us).
I tried to explain it to hear, but she barely listened. Said ok and stated with blank eyes on the gap for that I just told her the solution.

I almost didn't finish my stuff for the lesson because she was such a Stein am Bein
It made me really annoyed and even though it wasn't a big deal, she was the thing that made me most angry and confused since a particular other person that I don't have around here. And that particular person makes me angry or confused in a way that is kind of ok and more logic because we're close.

Good actions will cause good reactions of our environment. That sounds like a cliché it at least for me it is right.
Try to do the right thing and most people around you will appreciate it.


Sorry for being all-physiological and stuff, but it kind of felt right :)