A great day and a little less great but good day


Wednesday was awesome :D
In biology we had a lot of fun arguing about the states of mitosis... And me translating bra -the boobholder :P
It was just a lot of fun, okay, I felt really really happy towards the end of the period (and people told me again that I'm sweet... Same judgement as in Germany, I'll take it as compliment)
In English a test about the characters of the great Gatsby, and I started my essay.
I ate lunch with Alexei, won a staring contest and yeay...
Spanish was boring and in ceramics I made mugs... Because at Friday is the last day where we're allowed to work with wet clay and I don't to be done before everyone else, so I'm making a lot of work for myself now

Went to Harris teeter after school and got picked up there, worked a bit on Christmas presents at home.

At 6:30, I went to fencing and it wasn't my most skilled say, actually I fenced pretty awful, but it was so much fun :D
And a lot of hugs.

Today was good too, in biology we watched videos -my friends in biology are awesome, I get close to more and more people that I'm gonna miss so much :/- and did more chatting than actual work.
Oh, and at the beginning of the lesson, the people with the candy canes came around, guess who got me one...
In English we had seminar day -which is always great, discussion on the book- only contra was that I got up at 6 o clock this morning to prepare it... Because I was too lazy yesterday night and I don't show up unprepared and without homework...
I wasn't able to give my morning grin to Alexei as he (lucky) is already in his Christmas break on a cruise. And I still have a day of school left, while he is sailing through the Bahamas -jealous.
After I found nobody of my regular friends to sit with in lunch (in this order: Andrew, Ann, the girls I sit with since pretty much third week, Alexei's friends), I went with Katy (one of the regular girls) and ended up at Hannah's (host sister) table, which was nice.
Spanish- we didn't actually do much, my grade went down from 98% to 97%, how should I live on now? And we watched a video about Puerto Rico... Looked a bit like tourism advertisement and the woman who spoke it was "home" in every of those cities... "Here I feel home", "this view says home to me"....
And another cup in ceramics!
...some random girl asked me if I'm the german exchange student up and then took pictures of me. Strange...

Walked home after school but before I reached home, Hannah and William drove by and held for me, so I was half driven home.

Finished my essay, other stuff, but unproductive and now I'm writing the blog.

Still to-do:
- more Christmas presents work
- print out essay, article related to Gatsby
- learn vocab (?)
- do extra homework for biology (finding animations about mitosis and metabolism)
- a little workout?
- tidy my room a bit
- write Christmas cards for the great teachers (I was told that's not unnormal)